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06 August 2010

Looking Ahead....

I thought I would share a little more info on a few new releases I'm looking forward to. The first one is Sugarland's The Incredible Machine. It will be out on October 19th with the first single being on sale now. Here's a video of it. It's called "Stuck Like Glue".

Also in October (the 10th), LeAnn Rimes will be releasing her covers album, titled Lady and Gentlemen. I'm a little surprised she's putting out another covers disc, but the first one was great so I have high hopes for this one. We'll see.

Finally, I'll be curious to see what Trace Adkins has come up with when he releases Cowboy's Back in Town on August 17th. I remember him saying in an interview singing with Toby Keith's label and bringing some fun back into the process was good for him, so hopefully he got some great music out of it.

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