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05 August 2010

Taylor's New Single...

So, As you may have heard by now Taylor has a new CD coming out called Speak Now that's due to hit stores in October. "Mine" is the first single from the CD and is now on Itunes.
I have to say I'm really looking forward to this album... it's got an interesting concept to it: each song is written about a specific person and situation, the lyrics saying what she wished she'd said then. I'm also curious to see what the songs will be like since this is the first album she's written entirely on her own. By the way... longtime fans will be happy to know that her song "Sparks Fly" is being included. What do you all think? Comment and let's talk about it.

Speaking of new singles.... Carrie Underwood has chosen "Mama's Song" to be the next release from her Play On CD. I personally would've gone for "What Can I Say" or "Songs Like This", but I can see why Carrie chose this one. She did just get married after all. Will radio (and unhappy fans) warm up to it? We'll see.

Finally, after over ten years and almost as many albums, Brad Paisley is getting ready to put out a Greatest Hits CD. It's a two CD set of live and studio recordings set to be released on November 2nd. Stay tuned for more info....

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