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19 September 2011

Alexz Johnson: Voodoo Vs. Reloaded

So, it's been awhile since I mentioned doing this but had a hard time getting my thoughts in order with this one. Anyway.... here is my take on Voodoo and Reloaded. Let me know which is your favorite! Feel free to share your favorite songs, too! Voodoo was an amazing record and one that I think most pop stars here would not even attempt to make. The lyrics are quirky, it sounds different than a lot of the songs out there and I think that's what made it great. It was a simple record where the production wasn't clearly geared towards hiding the singer's voice (or lack thereof). Instead it highlighted it.

I have to say my favorite off Voodoo is "LA Made Me". It's a midtempo song with kind of funky sound Alexz and Brendan wrote after dealing with losing another record deal. It's basically a commentary on the current state of the industry. "Trip Around the World" is another really great one that I could not get enough of when the album came out. It's a song that talks about taking some time out to relax and just have some fun. I love the lyrics and the positive message in them... not to mention the very quirky instrumentation. I  can't help wanted to dance every time it comes on. Another great one was "Taker". I think it's a very haunting song and beautiful song. The lyrics are all about a person who is totally self destructive. She doesn't really want to hurt this guy but it's like she can't help herself. She's a taker and begging for another chance, while admitting she's probably not going to change. I also love "Mr Jones" which was originally called "The Affair". I guess you can tell what the song is about. It's a very moody, mysterious sounding song. Finally... I really have to mention "Look at those Eyes", which is going to be her next video. It's the most haunting song off the entire album and it's perfect for when you need to hear something that's a little sad to help you get out those emotions.

Now... Reloaded. When I first heard some of the previews I really enjoyed them. However, I do think that some of these songs really suffered from in the remix. "Taker" is one of the best examples I can think of as far as that goes. I don't know why the demolition crew decided to add those chants and military-like drum beats, but it's completely distracting. I also really don't like how they made "Superstition" so peppy with a dance sound. I think it ruins the mood of the entire song. But I have to say it wasn't all bad. I loved the "Voodoo" remix. I think the new version is more cheery sounding and fits the words and mood of the song so much better. "LA Made Me" was a fun remix, too and I think it worked overall. "Boogie Love" also worked better to me as the remix. I think the disco sound the demolition crew gave it fits the song more than the original instrumentation.

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