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05 October 2011

Farewell to The Simpsons?

If you haven’t heard, yesterday it was announced that The Simpsons is in danger of cancellation after over two decades on the air. The reason? Money issues. FOX says that the show can’t keep going under the current financial model and wants the actors to take a big pay cut. The actors are reportedly open to a smaller cut, but want a share of the profits in return. Check out the full story on yahoo.

I have to say that while I guess an almost 50 percent cut in pay is a bit high, I have a hard time feeling sorry for them when that would still be more than 4 million dollars a year, and this isn’t the first time they have almost caused a shut down over money. It’s also hard to feel sorry for FOX when they have such a bad track record for treating shows properly and I’m sure the CEOs are not taking cuts.

There really is no clear-cut side to take here, but I hope for the sake of the fans all parties are at the very least able to come together and make whatever sacrifices are needed to at least give to give The Simpsons a proper final season if a long-tern deal can’t be reached. The show has been a pop culture icon for so long and is one of a few shows that kept FOX from going the way of UPN and the WB early on. The series (and the fans) deserved that much respect. What do you all think? Have you picked a side? Don’t care? Comment back and let’s talk about it.


bigguy said...

I agree that both sides should give a little but I had a difficult time when the NFL Players wanted more millions and forced a lockout and I see much the same thig happening with the Simpsons. I'm sorry, but if you make $4 million a year to spend a couple hours a day just reading a script the cast should be the last ones to complain. Just saying...

Jamie B said...

Very true.

robertanton said...

I just saw this and I'm with the actors on this. If the "current financial model" is not working and not creating enough profit then why isn't the network willing to cut the pay and share the profits? Is it because they're too greedy to share?
It takes years of training, auditioning, creating, and a lot of luck to make it to the top as a performer and once there you deserve to be paid handsomely for your work; especially when the network is making tens of millions (per episode) in the bargain.