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16 May 2011

Desperate Housewives Finale... (SPOILERS)

Read no further if you did not see the finale and want to stay surprised...

Some of you reading this may remember me writing blogs about Desperate Housewives a couple seasons back when I was keeping up a different blog. Well, here is how I do it: I post reactions/recaps family by family. Let's start with the Scavos.

I was pretty surprised to see the Scavo relationship deteriorate so suddenly and finally come to a seperation. I know Lynette's been controlling and has messed up Tom's career before, but he's always been such a laid-back guy who just goes with it and occasionally turns the tables on her. To see him actually walk out was surprising, yet emjoyable. I think it's about time they had a story for that family that does not involved Lynette scheming against Tom or stressing about being home with the kids instead of working. This just may lead to something very interesting.

The Delfinos/Mayers... I admit I have never been a fan of the Susan/Mike relationship. I think he loses something as a character with her most of the time. During the finale, though, I loved him. He was great coming to Susan's defense when she was accused of trying to poison Paul. I also liked the scene he had with Paul where he told about how he'd been offered money to kill Paul and Paul asks what he said. Mike's "If I had taken it, do you think you'd still be here?" answer was perfect and well delivered. Also glad to see Susan show a little bit of smarts when she stumbled on Paul being held hostage. She used MJ's police car to create the illusion the cops were on their way. Too bad she wasn't smart enough to get out of the house faster... Good thing for her that Paul managed to come to the rescue and redeem himself by confessing to the murder of Martha back in season 1.

My favorite characters have always been the Solises and I did like seeing Gabby come face-to-face with her step-father and take some control over the situation. I just wish that it had played out over a longer period of time. It seems like they only had the whole thing go down as (and when) it did to give Carlos a reason to forgive Bree. Gotta love Gabby, though, trying to convince Bree to give her her gun instead of going through the hoops of getting refistered and trained. "Stop! I'm taking classes!"

Speaking of Bree.... I like her and the new guy together. I think they have the potential to be a lot of fun. I just hope they don't have Bree pulling more spy missions on the ex. If it must come to that, though? Make sure she's with Renee the whole time! "Bree's a class act! Of course, you can't tell from the outfit..." I'm also curious to see where they take the Bree/Renee friendship from here and what they will do with Renee now that her ex is oficially remarried. Should be entertaining!

So what did you think? Comment back and let me know your reactions/favorite quotes! I'd love to read them.

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