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10 August 2010

Jason Aldean and More.....

So, Jason Aldean has a new single out called "My Kind of Party" that will be released August 24th. I just listened to it and love it. It's uptempo, has a rock influence and he sounds great. I enjoyed it far more than a couple of his other singles. As for the lyrics... it's a party song all the way and that's what ya need sometimes right? If you haven't heard it yet and want to, here is a video of him performing it:

In other news, Here is a great yahoo article I found about Jaron and the Long Road to Love. I was surprised to learn he had a hit in 2001 with his brother Evan with "Crazy For This Girl". Another country convert to add to the list.... who do y'all think will be next? Comment and let me know.

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