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06 October 2011

Monster Fest 2011

I'm really excited to get to participate in another blog fest. This one is called Monster Fest and is headed by Sommer Leigh. There are not many rules for it, but she offers some things to inspire if you need them. I decided to focus on a specific monster from one of my favorite series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Drusilla was a sweet young girl, pure of heart and with psychic sight. This gift would haunt her, as it was frowned upon in her time (and to an extent, still is). She felt as though she was evil and tried to push aside these gifts, going so far as to enter a convent in order to try and rid herself of this evil gift. Unfortunately for her, she would not run far enough. A vampire named Angelus had set his sights on her and was determined to make her one of them. To corrupt the goodness he could see in her.

One night, after having stalked and harassed her, Angelus would go to that convent with another vampire named Darla and wreak havoc on Dru's peaceful new home. He killed everyone in there, triggering a psychotic break in Drusilla that would plague her the rest of her days as a vampire. She became just as cruel and dangerous as any other monster on the show, maybe even more so. She did, after all, have this innocence about her that made her seem less threatening at first to some. Once she spoke, however, she was terrifying. She still had the sight she tried to hard to run away from, but her psychosis forced the words out in an eerie way.

I think that's what makes her so interesting. She's far more unpredictable than Angelus or the other demons. She can be dancing and clapping with joy one moment and throwsing a massive fit the next. You never know what is going to set her off and when. Here is a link I found that shows her creepiest moment. So what do you think of Drusilla? Do you have a favorite monster or species of one? Comment back and let's talk about it!


Sommer Leigh said...

Awesome post about one of my favorite bad guys! I love Drusilla. She creeps me out completely.

Thanks for participating!

Jamie B said...

You're welcome Sommer. And thanks for doing this :) These blogfests are fun.

Claudie A. said...

It's funny, I don't remember that many details from Buffy, but I do remember HER. Drusilla's hard to forget ('cause she rocks, in a terrifying way)

By the way, Jamie, check your e-mail! There's something cool in it. (well, there will be in five minutes)

-- as an aside, my captcha was "yesses". That could've been the whole of my comment, heehee.

Jamie B said...

Hey Claudie! Got it :) I've accepted... and yes, Drusilla definitely rocks!

ROFL, btw.... love those odd captchas.

S. L. Hennessy said...

Hi, new follower and fellow monsterologist here. First of all, I LOVE with Buffy. It was my favorite show in middle school and I have all the DVDs. And I must say, Dru and Spike were my favorite bad guys. Dru is alternately creepy, and tragic. I feel so sad for her, even when she's being completely evil. Especially during her pre-vampire flashbacks.
Great post!!

Jamie B said...

Definitely one of the more tragic characters, SL. Thanks for the comment! I tried commenting on your blog before, but for some reason it wasn't working. But I'm enjoying your posts a lot.