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18 April 2011

Promises, Promises.... (SPOILERS for CMT Next Superstar)

Be warned... DO NOT look any further down if you didn't see the episode yet and would rather wait to see a repeat before reading any details...

So, I have a TV that is possessed and has been scanning randomly through channels. It, of course, decided to do that as I settled in to watch the latest episode. Luckily I did catch some of the end and the CMT website is helping to fill in details. First, let me share a few performances from the latest ep:

As it happened, the performances that were posted so far are all from the lowest vote getters. Guest Trace Adkins was quick to save Courtney from elimination, which left Matt and Adrienne to pack their bags and meet up with the judges to learn their fate. I actually sort of felt bad for Adrienne ending up in this spot again. I thought since she ended up there again, she'd be out. Surprisingly she was saved and will be back to compete again next week.

The episode ended with a little preview of next week which highlighted one of my favorite aspects of the show. They are going to have the contestants getting up at 5 AM to do radio interviews and other such tasks. I think that's great because it shows them (and the viewer) the less glamorous side of show business and allows them to experience exactly what they will need to do regularly should they win and become successful in the business. I think every talent contest needs that aspect of it. So what do you think? Did you agree with the outcome this week? Do you like the challenges? Comment and let's talk about it :) Also, stay tuned for more thoughts throughout the week as I get to see the rest of the episode (or the videos online if the tv exorcist doesn't get here soon... )

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