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07 August 2011

Anvil: The Story of Anvil

So, not long ago I borrowed Anvil: The Story of Anvil from the local library to check it out. I'd been seeing the commercial for it for a long time but had not gotten around to it yet. It follows a band who came out about the time Metallica and many others were just getting started but never reached the same success. They, in fact, were a huge inspiration to Metallica and the others.

The documentary catches up with them over 20 years after they disappeared from the scene. In the film they're still performing here and there and working to get a new album done. The film features interviews with Metallica and others as well as the band themselves and thier familes talking about their past as well as the present struggles they are going through.

It was pretty interesting and I did sort of enjoy the documentary. However, it was also pretty sad and depressing at times and drove home what a crapshoot the music business can be. Here is a band that inspired the greats themselves to greatness and they were basically unknown until the documentary. I don't get that. I really felt for them struggling to get through a tour while their manager couldn't even get their train tickets straight. Ironically, she ends up living with one of the (now former) band members.

So who else has seen this one? Did you enjoy it? What artist would you like to come back from obscurity? Comment back and let me know...

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