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06 August 2011

Challenges and Farewell Desperate Housewives

Before I get to the farwell, let's get back to the 30 Day Song Challenge shall we? Today's asked for a song from the first record you remember being given as a gift. I also added my answer to my 30 Day Song Challenge playlist on youtube.

So, word was leaked today that Desperate Housewives will be ending in May after 8 seasons. I'm a bit surprised at this, as a deal had been reached a season or two ago that would take it through 2013. Instead, Desperate Housewives will go off the air in 2012. I'm a bit disappointed and curious as to what caused this change, but looking at the situation, this is probably for the best. Too many shows have lasted past their expiration dates and ended up becoming a joke and something people were happy to see go. Look at the last seasons of Roseanne and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for example. As it is, last season was a pretty iffy in many spots. Off all the characters, I would say the Solises were the only ones who were just as good or better than they used to be. Even Bree (one of my faves) isn't quite what she used to be. What do all think? Who are your favorites? What do you think about the show ending? Comment back and let me know! Til next time...

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