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08 August 2011

Randomness Ensues: 30 Day Song Challenge, Trace Adkins and Boyz2Men

Another day, another entry in the 30 Day Song Challenge! This time, the topic is "A Song You Associate with High School". I have also added my answer to my 30 Day Challenge YouTube playlist. Enjoy and comment back with your own answers...

I also have a couple of links for you. The first one is a little blast from the past. Shawn Stockman discussed a little bit of the band's early days in a yahoonews article. The group was the soundtrack of my teenage years. Loved the vocals, the music, everything. Glad to know they've stayed active over the years.

The second (and last one) is about Trace Adkins and his new release, Proud to Be Here. He's not only a great artist, but also seems like a guy with his priorities straight. I can't help but be a fan and am looking forward to hearing that duet with Shelton. Here is one of my favorites of his:

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