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15 December 2008

Taylor's Number One...

according to Billboard! GAC reports she's been named the top country artist of the year! Usually, they rank people by both sales and chart performance. The girl seems unstoppable. By the way... in case you haven't heard, her new single is going to be "White Horse". I have to admit, I wasn't exactly thrilled with "Love Story" as a single, but I like it now when put back-to-back with "White Horse". In the first one, she has a cheery, pop-like sound that talks about a fairy-tale romance. In the second song, she sings that she's "not a princess" and "this ain't a fairy tale" showing that the girl from the first song has grown up and has learned a little more about the real world.

Kudos to Taylor and her team for that move. So what do you think of this choice? Do you think the videos will be tied together like Carrie Underwood did with "Last Name"/"Before He Cheats"? Post your thoughts below! Take care and see ya soon!

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