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11 December 2008

LeAnn's Got a New Gig...

Hey, everyone! Sorry I missed you yesterday. Computer stuff. Anyway... I wanted to let you know about LeAnn Rimes' latest project. She's going to be starring in a Lifetime movie called Nora Roberts' Northern Lights. It's about an investigator who comes to a small town and meets a bush pilot named Meg (LeAnn) whose father turns up dead after they started a romance. It looks like LeAnn is going to be playing a bit of a darker character, because her charactor is said to "have demons".

I know I'll be tuning in when an airdate is announced. I'm a sucker for these made-for-TV movies anyway and LeAnn being one of the stars is just an added bonus. By the way... I found out a re-mix of her single "What I Cannot Change" has made it to #6 on the dance charts. Go her! Sadly, the real version hasn't fared as well. Let's hope her next project gets more of the This Woman treatment. Well, I'm out of here. See ya all again tomorrow with more Country Music talk. Take care!

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