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19 September 2008

More Minnie....

As I promised yesterday, I wanted to share a few quick thoughts about a song I was recently able to here. It's called "Take Me to Texas" and is going to be Minnie Murphy's debut single. She's the half-sister of Jamie O'neal and is quite a talent in her own right.

Her voice has a very sweet tone to it and has a very old-school sound. The song's a classic slow love song with a very traditional sound to it. I can definitely picture the song being played in a honky tonk somewhere. If there's any justice in radio, this is going to end up as a hit. Keep on the look out for a release date and in the meantime, check out this video. It's a performance of a song called "Did It Look Like Love" from a writer's night at the Blackbird Cafe.

In other news, I just read that Craig Morgan has been invited to become the latest member of the Grand Ole Opry. Congrats to him and I'll be looking forward to seeing who's going to be involved in his induction. If GAC follows their pattern, we should be getting a "Road to the Opry" special and his induction aired on the channel. Well, that's about it. Take care and I'll see y'all next time!

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