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18 September 2008

Reviews, Reviews and More Reviews!!

Hey guys!! I recently got to hear some new music from a few artists. The first one I got was Abby Abbondanza. He has a single out called "Promised Land" and I'm loving it! It's one of those songs where the narrator is looking back on his or her youth and remembering some of the great times they had. These songs can be a bit hit or miss for me, but he managed to sell me with his vocals, which were full of attitude and a little bit of longing for those times. He sounds a bit like Tim McGraw to me through some of it as well. The song's uptempo and you can clearly hear a almost old-time sounding piano riff in there, which I thought was an interesting touch.

I also just got the chance to listen to the new version of Laura Bryna's Trying to be Me. It's an intersting CD and her vocals have a unique touch to them, while reminding me of singers such as Dolly and Leann Womack here and there. While I liked all the songs well enough, I think there are several where her vocals truely shine. Songs like "Same Dog" and "Set it On Fire", where she gets to show a bit of attitude and a Wynonnaesque growl. I think those are where her vocal strengths lie and I'd love to hear more material like from her.

"Same Dog" is a song about a woman who has learned from the mistakes she's made in love and refuses to fall back into the same pattern again. "Set It On Fire" tells the story of getting rid of what reminds you of a love gone wrong. These two alone, in my opinion make the disc worth it. Check out "Set it On Fire" here....

Check back later for more info on these artists, as well as another review of Minnie Murphy's first single. Take care and see ya then!

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