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23 September 2008

Brad's Unlikely "Play"mate

Ok, I have seen a few surprising collaborations over the years (Christina Aguilera and Fred Durst, anyone?), but this takes the cake for me. According to a story on GAC, Brad Paisley has teamed up with rapper Snoop Dogg for this new album, Play.

I am really interested to hear this one, now. He's got so many different people working with him on it, I think it's gonna be a fun CD. And it doesn't hurt that there are at least a few vocal songs as well. It's still over a month away, though, so we're just gonna have to be patient.

Speaking of the CD, the cover art was released and should be viewable on by now. If not, hang tight and I'll see if I can find it for you to post. Some fans are complaining about it, but I think it's kinda cool. It features a guitar "swinging" in a playground with the words "Play" looking like they were written in crayon. It just enhances the idea to me that this is just a fun CD that is going to be pretty unique. Will it live up to it's promise? I guess we'll find out on November 4th...

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