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23 September 2008

Chart Watch...

Hey, everyone! It's been a long time since I've done a recap of the Billboard top 10 so, I thought this would be a good time to bring it back. It all starts with #10....

10) Jamey Johnson, That Lonely Song. He's been on the chart 6 weeks now, and has kept that 10 spot for the past two weeks. Let's see if he can keep that going...

9) Jimmy Wayne, Do You Believe Me Now. His single of the same name is doing great, and it's helped him to reclaim a spot of the charts. This week, he falls 3 spots.

8)Toby Keith, 35 Biggest Hits. He's got a new CD coming out soon, but for now he's hanging in there with a hits collection. To be honest, I'm completely over hits collections right now. Any fan already has the songs.

7) Heidi Newfield, What Am I Waiting For? The former singer of Trick Pony's solo debut has dropped two spots in its 6th week on the charts. Check out the lead single "Johnny and June".

6) George Strait, Troubadour. He's dropped one spot, but it still in the top 10 after over 20 weeks on the chart. Not bad...

5) Carrie Underwood, Carnival Ride. Her second disc is still in the top ten after over 40 weeks. Even better... expect that to keep up, as "Just a Dream" is doing well.

4) Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift. Looks like I might be right when I said she'd probably end up knocking her own CD off the charts. No one else has been able to do it yet.... even after almost 100 weeks. Look for that to change once Fearless comes out.

3) Now That's What I Call Country. This compilation CD of biggest country hits is down one spot after three weeks.

2) Sugarland, Love On The Inside. They may have some turmoil behind the scenes, but their CD is not showing it. It's already been certified Platinum.

1) Jessica Simpson, Do You Know? Jessica's the latest person to abandon the pop charts for a chance at country success. Of course... the pop charts kinda abandoned her first. Still... I am kinda surprised by her second single. It isn't all that bad. Check out this live performance below and check back here in a couple of days when the new chart's out. Take care!!