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12 August 2011

RIP Jani Lane....

As you may have heard already, Jani Lane of Warrant was found dead today in his hotel room. No cause of death has been determined yet. I'm so sad to see yet another musician gone too soon and offer condolances to his friends, family and fans. I figured this would be a nice tribute:

This one has always been one of my favorites.... how about the rest of you? Comment back with your own. Til next time!


Angela Hartley said...

Our world is a little dimmer without the light of this star. My heart is heavy when I think of how many great artists we have lost to the battle of addiction. May he find peace in death that was absent in life.

Jamie B said...

Same here, Angela. It's so sad and frustrating to think of how many have gone down that path and to realize that there is so little sometimes that friends and family can really do for them.