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13 August 2011

Levi Lowrey, I Confess I was a Fool or Best. Album. Cover. Ever.

So I recently got to hear Levi Lowrey's I Confess I Was a Fool and I loved it. First off? The album art is really good and looks like thought and creativity was put into it (unlike some others).
More importantly, though, the music was really enjoyable. If you're a fan of neo-traditional over the more modern country, you'll really like it. A couple songs on it in particular stood out to me: "All American" and "The Problem With Freedom". They're both mid-tempo songs that showcase his soothing, smooth vocals very well. The later song is where the album title comes from, as he talks about how being alone can be good, but the problem is there's no one around to "catch you when you fall".

Here's a link to a live performace of "All American" and a contest challenge:

As for the challenge- I will give your twitter account/FB Fan Page a like or promote your blog/youtube on my own accounts if you can tell me what song All-American sounds like. Think classic country artist.... and that's all I'm gonna say :) Just comment below with your guesses and I will announce a winner in exactly two weeks. Good luck!

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