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22 August 2011

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 12

Well, I am now officially waiting to find out Hurricane Irene is going to hit us this week in SF and decided to go ahead and get some blogging done to try and get a couple posts scheduled for publishing over the next couple of days just in case. Today, I wanna go ahead and talk 30 Day Song Challenge!

Day 12 asks for a song that reminds you of your parent/parents. One song immediately came to mind. (Well, actually two! But this category was on another version of the challenge so I decided to use the new option.)

This song makes me think of my mom for a few reasons. One... Bon Jovi was her favorite band. Even as our relationship changed and got more difficult, that band was one thing we could agree on! Musical really does connect people and can transcend differences. We'd put the tapes on in the car and she even took me to see them live a couple of times. Secondly, this song was one she considered her song to me. She even got me to sing it with her in one of the kareoke booths at a local carnival when I was a kid. So what song would you pick for this? Comment back and let me know!

Before I sign out for the day, I wanna remind y'all of two contests I have going on right now. One is the Heather Hildenbrand giveaway where you can get a free copy of her ebook Dirty Blood. Another is the Levi Lowrey challenge. Be sure to enter asap.... time's running out!

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