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30 June 2011

The Voice Finale

So, I have to say that I am really disappointed in the results of the show last night. I'm not saying that Javier is not talented, I'm just saying that I think the others were better and showed a steady growth through the competition and he did not. I kept waiting for Adam to call him out at some point for not taking his notes to heart and toning things down.

Dia, on the other hand, got better each week and really seemed to take the notes help she was being given seriously. I think that her last three performances in particular was great and I am looking forward to her album (come on- you know one is coming for all the finalists!)Here's a great clip from her group MegandDia:

Bev was one of my favorites from the beginning. She has an incredible voice and really knows how to get a crowd going with just her voice and presence. That right there was why I thought she should be the winner. Here is one of her originals she posted on youtube:

Of all the judges, I'd say that Blake and Xtina were my favorites. I thought they really took the name "The Voice" to heart and gave their teams some great advice. Ceelo did well, too, but he also loves to put on a show and I think that helped Vicci a lot as the contest wore on. Adam.... well, I think he wanted a Javier win from the start and he did everything he could to make it happen. I'll just leave it at that...

So what did you all think? Did the right person win? Are you upset with the results? Are there any changes you might suggest going into season 2? If so, comment away :)

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