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07 April 2011

Plan B....

Was going to share something else today, but I wasn't able to get the video working. Hopefully tomorrow! In the meantime, I wanted to share this article about singer/songwriter/producer Linda Perry.

I think it's awesome that she is coming back as a performer years after "What's Up?" and hope she does well with this new duo. I really became a fan of hers after she worked on P!nk's MissUndaztood and Christina's Stripped. Those two discs are high on my list of all time favorite pop records and I think she is a huge reason for that.

I like that she pushes those she works with to dig deep and write honest, emotinal lyrics. Do I love cheesy songs about dancing and stuff like that? Absolutely. I do, however, also really love songs that have a deeper meaning to them and that is what she usually brings to the table.

I leave you today with a song she did called "Fill Me Up". Enjoy!

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