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17 March 2011

Well How About That?

MTV will be adding a show to its lineup and it actually has something to do with music! That's right, the network is bringing back the series "120 Minutes" and Matt Pinfield will be the host again.

In a way, it feels like "too little, too late"... especially considering the show will only be airing once a month. Still, it's something and Pinfield is a great host. I remember watching him audition for a VJ spot and being very disappointed when that Pauley Shore type guy won instead. I was glad to see him get a spot on MTV later anyway.

So how many of you out there watched the show when it was airing a few years back? Are there any segments you think should be brought back? Anything you would drop? Comment and let's talk about it! In the meantime... let the music play!

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