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14 September 2009

So, I'm sure y'all know by now that Taylor Swift was at the MTV VMAs last night and won for best female video. I'm sure you also heard what happened when Tayolr went onstage to accept the award. If not, here's the clip:

Ya know the funny part about this? Despite being aware of Kanye West and even liking a couple of his songs, all I could think while watching it was "who is that a@# who interrupted Taylor?" I'm sure that's not quite the reaction he wanted... it wasn't until later I found out it was him. Still kind of shocking, since he usually reserves stuff like that for when he doesn't win.

So here's my response to the whole thing: Kayne? Who are you to tell her "I'm gonna let you finish"? You didn't win crap and you were not even asked onstage at the time. Your place was in your seat with your mouth shut, not interrupting someone's big moment to basically tell them to their face they don't deserve it. Learn some respect and some manners. Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you have the right to be completely rude to someone who clearly was not going to fight back. You should be ashamed that, at 19, she has more dignity and class than you can ever hope for. Next time, try and heckle someone like Pink, John Rich or Trace Adkins. I'm sure you'll come away from that without getting hurt.... much.

To end this on a positive note, Beyonce showed a lot of class by giving up her speech to give Taylor a second shot:

Now that is how you conduct yourself in the real world. Anyway... congrats to Taylor for her award and to Beyonce for what she did. We need more of that these days. What do you all think about this incident? Comment away...

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