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09 July 2008

The Road Hammers!

Hi, country music fans. How are y'all doing? Just thought I'd post real quick to share a cool video with you. It's the Road Hammers performing their new single "Girl on the Billboard during GAC's 2008 CMAFest kick-off breakfast.

In other news, Miranda Lamber is already hard at work on album #3. According to that article, she's going in a slightly different direction with this one, so I'm excited to hear what's next. Meanwhile, this has been quite the year for her. Not only did she earn herself that album of the year award, she has now gotten her first top 10 hit ("Gunpowder and Lead"). Let's hope all this leads to increased promotion and radio support for her. She deserves it.

Well, I'm out of here now. Take care and I'll see y'all soon! Feel free to sound off on anything you see here in the comments, by the way. I always love getting to hear from and chat with other fans.

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