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12 July 2008

Hello, again!!

I'm back with some more news! I swear I am going to be posting more regularly soon, so bear with me as I feel my way through this new setup and all. Anyway... I guess you may have noticed I haven't posted about Nashville Star this week. I ended up missing the episode and well, frankly... I didn't care to see the repeat after I foun out Pearl Heart was cut. They're one of my favorites on that show and I just don't get them getting the boot over Coffey. Don't get me wrong- I do think the guy has some talent and he seems fairly cool and all but, he's just not a country act. And I still can't get past that horrible "Unbrella" performance when he yelled out random stuff between lines over and over. He claimed when criticized for it that it was to pull in the older audience who might not know the song. Um, Coffey? A little advice for you- the older audience most likely will not care about such gimmicks and just want to see someone do a good performance. Anyway... I guess it's back to checking out the episodes this week, as I do still like a couple of the acts.

Speaking of talent competitions, guess who's been signed? The Coppolas from Can You Duet? They'll be releasing their debut single "You're Not My Judge" on Big Machine records later this summer. Good for them! Hopefully, they and the winners of that show will find some success in the Country world. The people on that show are way ahead of some of the other show's contestants. Check out this video of the song, courtesy of the girls own YouTube account.

By the way... y'al also might be interested to know that they wrote the song "House With No Doors" on the new George Strait CD. Check it out. Well, that's it for now. Take care and I'll see you guys soon! Be sure to comment if you want with your thoughts about Nashville Star, The Coppolas new song and anything else Country!

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