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17 July 2008

New Duo....

Do y'all remember Ashley Monroe? She had a minor hit with the song "I Don't Want TO" last year. That was, by the way, one of my favorites. She also wrote the song "Flat on the Floor" that appears on Carrie Underwood's latest CD. Sadly, she didn't seem to get the support she needed and her album never did come out.

Well, now she's decided to go in a new direction. She teamed up with Trent Dabbs to form a duo. Check out their MySpace here for song clips and other pictures of them. I'm liking what I hear.... their voices blend well together and their sound seems like something that would be popular on radio. Then again, I thought her solo stuff did as well, so what do I know?

Seems like Country is trending towards duos lately. We have the Coppolas, Caitin and Will. Not to mention, Sugarland's amazing success recently. I have to say, though, this is a trend I don't mind. It's kinda going back to the old days where Duos and solo artists teaming up regularly was the norm.
So, what's the verdict? Think this Duo can make a name for themselves? Who would you like to see team up as a Duo? I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts in the comments. Take care and see ya next time!

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