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15 July 2008

How Cool is This?

If you're like me, you love getting to go behind the scenes and see what's goes into producing an album. Well, Lee Ann Womack is giving you the chance to do just that through her new website. According to the welcome page, a woman named Alison will be doing most of the posting. However, LeAnn herself will be providing content as well as other people involved with the new CD.

Good for her for doing this. Not only is it a genious way to get herself back out there after being out of the spotlight for a bit, it's a great way to really connect with the fans and help them gain a greater appreciation for the music. This is definitely more interesting, in my opinion, then yet another reality show that's more about the person's personal life than anything else.

Speaking of Reality.... Nashville Star needs a huge dose of it. I still can't understand Laura and Sophie and Coffey still being there when Pearl Heart isn't. At least they took care of part of that problem last night. Good luck, ladies. Honestly.... eliminating those two was one of the best moves they could've made. I liked them at first and have noticed they've been slipping quite a bit lately. Add in the personal tensions the judges hinted at and I think there was no other way to go. If they're already having issues after only a few short weeks, they are not ready emotionally to withstand being artists. The judges just may have saved their friendship.

Still.... John Rich can shut his trap. His attack on the girls was uncalled for, in my opinion. Not only that.... don't sit there and whine now about how NBC picked the people when you played along this long. If that's true, then you totally faked your "tough" choice in picking the final 12 during the premiere and have lost all right to complain. Go back to trying to turn pop stars into country acts on CMT and leave what was once my favorite music show alone.

It wasn't all bad, though. I did enjoy a few of the performances. Gabe and Melissa sounded great, Coffey was less annoying, Shawn did a decent Carrie cover and I do like Ashlee, even though her performance wasn't all that great this week. By the way... I didn't even realize this until it was pointed out on another board, but did you know Coffey was on the second season of American Idol? I have recently gotten into watching American Idol Rewind when people I like are on it. In season 2, that was Kim Locke and Coffey was part of the auditions process, although he didn't make it too far. If anyone has seen it, he's the guy whose wife was having a baby while he was auditioning. No wonder I keep wanting to ship him off to that show...

Well, that's it for now. See y'all next time with more news and reviews! Take care.

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