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09 October 2011

Head's Up

For various reasons, I have decided that after several years on Blogger that it would be best to head over to WordPress. I hope that you will all join me over there and enjoy! I've got a bunch of stuff coming...

Wordpress will be where I post the pay it forward blogfest.... head on over to meet some great bloggers on October 14. I also have a really special interview coming soon I'm very excited about. Can't spill any details yet but it's gonna be cool :)

Besides that, there will be more blogfest posts, the 30 Day Song Challenge and much more! I also am very excited to annouce that Call of Poseidon is now available as a print book on I hope y'all will check it out. It is also available for free on smashwords this week. Just use the coupon code TM36W. I guess that's about it for this post. Take care and see ya soon!

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