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03 October 2011

Desperate Housewives, The Final Season- Ep 2

So, we are two episodes into the final season of Desperate Housewives and I'm here to fill you in on the action in case you missed any of it! As usualy, I'm gonna go house by house...

Let's get the slightly annoying out of the way first- Susan. This weel she is on a mission to get herself into trouble because of her feelings of guilt over the big cover-up.  It starts innocently enough, with Susan accidently stealing a case of soda from the grocery store. One of the security guards is going to let her off the hook, but Susan insists she must be made to pay for the soda immediately and seems glad to be punished. She spends the rest of the episode hogging free samples, smoking in a "no smoking" zone and other minor things. She eventually pulls into a "no parking" area and waits for a cop to see and come give her a ticket. When he is about to let her off with a warning, she knocks his bike over and gets hauled in. She calls Carlos to come get her and they bond a bit.

The Scavos spend most of this episode arguing over how to handle the kids in the midst of their seperation. The typical good parent/bad parent thing that isn't so unusual in their home. Lynette, in her usual scheming way, tries to get Tom to be the one to say no and ends up allowing their teenaage son to go to a party full of booze and other bad  things. This, of course, does nothing to improve things between the two. You wonder if Lynette will ever learn...

Gabby and Carlos are having issues of their own their own this week. His continuing guilt over the death of Gabby's stepfather has had an effect on him in the bedroom. To try and spice things up, Gabby hires a stripper to teach her some pole and lap dancing skills. Nothing she tries works, though. Looks like Gabby is going to have to accept that Carlos needs to work through things in his own way and own time.

Finally, Bree spends most of the episode obsessing over the note she received and keeping it from the others. She goes to visit Paul Young in prison to ask him who knew about the original note sent to Mary Alice back in Season 1. After her visit she finally tells Gabby about the note. Gabby realizes it is far too dangerous for Bree to dating someone in Law Enforcement and convinces Bree she needs to break up with him. Bree agrees and goes home planning to do that... unti she gets a call from Paul telling her that Chuck was made aware of Mary Alice's note after Paul turned himself in.

So there you have it Desperate Housewives, Season 8 Episode 2, in a nutshell! Did you enjoy the episode? Hate it? Are you indifferent at this point? Comment back and let's talk about it! In the meantime, here's a little promo for next week....

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