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15 September 2011

Pistol Annies: Hell On Heels, but Easy on the Ears

Been promising a review of The Pistol Annies Hell on Heels for a bit now, so here ya go... When I first heard about this project, I was really excited. Miranda is one of my favorites in Country right now and I was always disappointed that Ashley Monroe didn't get more success with her single "I Don't Want To".  After listening to the whole thing, I am glad to say that they did a great job. Their vocals fit well together and their writing and sound is an homage to old country and all the things that makes the genre great. Below is a rundown of my favorite tracks from the album.

1) "Hell On Heels" -- My favorite track and the first single. It's about a girl who's bad news. She's "done made the devil and deal" and is out to take as much as she can from all the unsuspecting guys out there. The lyrics run through all the guys that this person has managed to get something out of and what they got. It's got a moody sound that grabs your attention. The video is pretty entertaining, too. It's a behind the scenes clip that shows them rehearings, on the bus and working a photo shoot.
2) "Family Fued" -- This is my second favorite track off the album. It's about the strange things that people do after someone in the family as passed away. The fighting and greed that can come out as everyone tries to get their own peice of the pie. The narrator of the song, however, wants nothing to do with it and says that "if daddy was here he'd beat us black and blue". My favorite line in the song is at the end when she muses that "the Good Lord giveth and the family taketh away". The song's a mid-tempo track and packs a bunch of attitude.

3) "Bad Example" -- Here's another song that has that old school country sound and is an ode to the blue collar life. The narrater is a "third generation bartender" who is proud of it. She doesn't see any need to go to college and get some desk job. She sarcastically points out that "someone had to set a bad example".

4) "Housewife's Prayer" -- This is a slow, sad track about a woman who is struggling with bills and doesn't really see a good way out of the mess she's in.

So, there ya have it. My favorite tracks from the album. What are yours? Comment back and let me know!

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