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12 September 2011

Funeral Club's "In the Fire"

I was recently given the opportunity to hear music from someone I had never heard of before- Funeral Club. The Andreotti's formed Funeral Club in LA in 2006 and already have a few albums to their credit. Their latest is called In the Fire and it's got a very interesting sound.
Surprisingly, the title track is an instrumental one with varied influences. They cite Spaghetti Westerns and 70s punk as influences for them. On this release, I detect a lot of Middle Eastern and Latin influence throughout, all tied together with some dissonant sounds and haunting vocals. The vocals in particular are striking because they sound so far away. Listening to the vocals, I get the same feeling I got from listening to Chrisina Aguilera's "I Got Trouble": like I'm being taken back in time. This will not be for everyone, but I enjoy it and the mood it sets for the listener. It's particularly nice if you want something relaxing. Check out their Facebook page linked above for more information about them (including a chance to get tickets to an album release party on the 17th) and to hear some of their music. My personal favorite on the disc is A Soapbox Serenade. Check it out below:

So what do you all think of this song and the others on their page? Comment back and let me know. Also, if anyone out there goes to the release party and you'd like to share your experience, let me know! I'd love to hear about it.

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