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29 September 2011

Desperate Housewives Premiere

Still working on getting a video blog done in between blogging and helping with a book release, so look out for it soon. In the meantime, it's been a busy day here. I'm helping my husband CP Bialois with the release of his book, Call of Poseidon. Should be up on Smashwords tomorrow and available tomorrow or shortly there after as a print version on Amazon. More info to come tomorrow. In the meantime... let's talk Housewives! I'll go ahead and give you the scoop on everyone family by (SPOILERS ahead)

The Scavos If you were following me before you know I am not a huge fan of them or their usual storylines. I am, however, enjoying what's up so far. If  you need a little catch up, last season Tom and Lynette started having some issues based on the fact that Tom is a big shot exec now and Lynette is not enjoying being sent off to hang out with the wives while Tom and the guys talk shop. Things came to a head when Lynette pulled an embarrassing stunt at a conference and they began talking seperation. Since the break, Lynette has been finding every excuse possible not to tell the kids. Tom has been rushing back into the house every morning to pretend things are fine and he is not happy about it. It looked like they might actually work things out for a minute there when Lynette runs to Tom in weak moment, but the seperation is still on. Tom eventually realized that Lynette was just clinging to him out of fear and decided to tell the kids they were getting a divorce.

The Solises Carlos is experiencing massive guilt over having killed Gabby's step father. Gabby tries over and over to remind him that he was only protecting her but it doesn't work. She finally enlists a priest to help, but it doesn't work. Ricardo and Gabby have really come a long way over the course on this series. The scene where Gabby tells Carlos how he saved her was very sweet and moving.

Bree She is still dating the cop from last season and is the one who came up with the idea to bury Gabby's step father without telling anyone. She insists that Gabby and Carlos need their help and they have to stick together. Bree is really persuasive and has some classic moments in this episode. My favorite is when they run into Bree's cop boyfriend while trying to get rid of the Stepfather's car. He's driving them and Bree is trying to figure out how to get out of this when the cop gets out of the car a minute. Luckily, at that exact moment a car jacker comes up and orders Bree to leave the car. Delighted, she informs the guy that she could kiss him and he better hurry and get out of here with the car, as the guy standing down the street is a cop. The carjacker freaks and is about to take off when Bree lectures him to "follow through with what he's started". He does so and Bree and Gabby are saved. She just pretends that the "aunt" the car belongs to just happened to walk by and take it home.

Susan is perhaps having the worst time with the whole situation. The guilt is practically eating her up inside and she has a minor freak out at the school she's subbing in when she has to help the kids bury a dead class hamster. She considers telling Mike about the incident many times over the course of the episode, but is finally convinced it's best not to bring him into it. There's actually a really funny Juanita moment in the episode where Juanita reminds Susan that burying a pet usually involves digging a hole.

The episode ends with Bree receiving a note just like the one Mary Alice got in the premiere episode. There's also a new neighbor in town that Renee tries to hook up with. Unfortunately for her, he's not into it. Overall, it was a very well acted episode with several classic lines that have come to define the show and it's characters over the past eight years. What do you think? Comment back and let me know! I'll leave you with a little taste of next week's episode:

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