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01 September 2011

Challening Choices: Day 15 of the 30 Day Song Challenge...

Welcome to another post in the 30 Day Song Challenge. If you haven't taken it yet and want to join in just search for the "30 Day Song Challenge" in my tags to see what the categories are so far. Once it's over, I will post the entire list of categories for people on my Facebook page for those who want the whole list at one time. Today's category is "A Song That Makes You Cry".

If you have been following me for awhile you know that I do not cry at movies or while watching TV shows normally. In fact, I can literally count the times I have on one hand. I guess I just can't get myself so lost in the story that I have an emotional reaction. Music is a whole other story! In fact, most of those times I did cry at something on TV or in a movie involved music (but that's for another post). When I saw this catesgory, I immediately thought of the song I used for a similar question in the last challenge- Christina Aguilera, "Hurt". I decided not to use it a second time and instead chose Pink, "Family Portrait".

All I will say about this one is I really feel it on a personal level. In fact, I did actually break down and start to cry while singing along with it the other day. The lyrics are so raw and real and her vocals are great. I also loved what they did with the video, having young Pink interacting with a grown Pink as she experiences her parent's arguments and dreamed of that perfect TV family. So what do you all think? What's your choice? Comment back and let me know...

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