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10 September 2011

10 Years Later....

Tomorrow, as we reach ten years since the 2001 terrorist attacks, this blog will not be updated as a "moment of silence". I'll be back Monday. Until then, I want to say thank you to every rescue worker who continues to put themselves on the line every day for all of us. Thank you to the soldiers and the authorities who have been working for the past ten years to prevent anything like this from happening again. I also want to say my thoughts are with you all, as well as anyone who lost someone that day.

I was home in Florida at the time of the attacks and had just woken up to the news reports that the towers had fallen. I remember going into my Grandmother's room and watching the coverage with her and my mom being sent home from work early that day. I also remember the feelings of fear and dread that stayed with me for a long time after any time I went to a mall or any other big place. There is something else I remember more, though. Something much more important and something I fear we've lost in the years since: the feeling of community and caring. The compassion and willingness to step in and help eachother. The feeling we were all a big family. It's something I hope that we'll focus on and try to recapture tomorrow.  Before I go, I want to share a video and this article I came across in a forum. It's a haunting account of one person's experience in New York that day. The video is for the song "When the Eagle Cries", which was written specifically about the event.

If you want, I would love if you would all take the time to share your own memories or thoughts about that day. If you're doing something special to honor those lost, please feel free to share that as well. Take care and see you all again soon.


onecanvasonesoul said...

I agree with you. We need to find away to rebirth that caring/community feel. Tomorrow we'll probably return to our lives after this day of remembrance. But how often since that day have we reached out to someone else in need? of all the memorials standing or expressed this peace (pun) of kindness could be the best means to honor those fellow Americans who lost their lives whether it was duty or civilian.

Jamie B said...

Hi, onecanvasonesoul :) So true- glad to see others feel this way. It's hard to remember sometimes when we see so much of the opposite in the media and in internet forums.