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28 August 2011

VMAs: Irreverent or Irrelevant

So once again the VMAs are here and once again I am finding it very hard to care. Don't get me wrong- I do like seeing the performance highlights. And it is the one day a year you are sure catch actual music on MTV. I just can't help but feel like what's the point?

If you were following me at all this past year, you know how I feel about MTV's current direction. Also, their current attitude about their direction. I posted a link today on my facebook page that discussed Adam Levine and his attitude toward's tonight's festivities. I say "AMEN". You can't ignore music all year long in favor of shows about fake Italians and teenagers who never got (or paid attention in) sex education and then pretend like that's ok because you have an "edgy" music awards show one night. I especially love the smart reply they wrote back to him. To me, it shows an arrogance and a tone deafness to what the industry and the fans both need and want. To put it simply.... "I want my MTV". The real MTV. Not the reality show wasteland it is now.

What makes me sad about this is the VMAs were appointment TV for me when I was a tween/teen growing up in the late 80s/90s. I would stay up late that night to watch the performances and root for my favorite artists. Thanks to their current programming line-up, I don't even know who most of the nominees are, much less what the songs and videos are like. I would say boycott the VMAs but I don't really feel that is the answer to the problem. It would just be the excuse to get rid of the last bit of music they've got. Instead.... enjoy the performances tonight and/or the youtube clips tomorrow .


stephaniec313 said...

That is so right on...and I am absolutely thrilled to hear that Adam Levine told MTV that they are basically hypocrites for primarily airing trash TV (or maybe we should call it "White Trash TV" for "Jersey Shore")and then pretending that they are still interested in music! I posted this to Twitter!

Jamie B said...

Thanks, Stephanie. I really am sad that the most entertaining part of the entire show was the live blog I was reading about it. LOL

RecycleCindy said...

I say amen to your post. I fondly remember the days that MTV played good music videos all day and all night. I do miss the old real MTV too.

Jamie B said...

Thanks, Cindy! Me, too. I loved spending the day watching videos and seeing which ones would end up on the countdown that week.