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27 August 2011

Lyrical Thought of the Day.... (Alexz Johnosn)

Before I post some thoughts on Voodoo/Reloaded and The Basement Recordings, I wanted to share some lyrics from "Spin" to celebrate the release of her new CD. This is one of my favorite songs on The Basement Recordings so far...

People everyday are sick and not going
I leave I'm sick of believing
Everyone runs from someone they're chasing
There's places up for tasting
Leaving my marks I'm sick of retracing
I stay I'm sick of not leaving
Can't live to only win
Just take me for a spin

The album is now available on Itunes and Amazon and includes 15 tracks. Alot of the tracks were originally supposed to be included on her debut record with Epic. There are also original demos of songs from Instant Star and Voodoo.

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