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24 August 2011

Life Imitates Art....

One of the best things about music, literature and cinema is how almost everyone can relate to it at one point or another. Sometimes you just feel the emotions even if you haven't personally been through a situation. Other times, you have been in those exact shoes.

Roseanne has always been one of my favorite shows. I could understand the Conners and what they were going through. The kids behaved like kids. They didn't smile and take their punishments with a hug and a laugh. They stomped through the house. They yelled. They were embarrassed by their parents just like every other kid I knew back then. The Conners picked on eachother and struggled financially. Best of all, they tackled bad situations with a laugh... this is one of my favorite moments ever on the show. Little did I know that one day I would be in the same exact situation!

It happened a few years ago. Someone in my family had passed and I ran into a friend of theirs in a store on the way to the funeral home to make arrangements. The person stopped me to say hi and made some comment that forced me to break the news right then and there. I tried to get the point across several times and was unable to get through. Finally, out of desperation I had pulled out my cell phone to type the message into a text for the friend to read. It was at that moment my husband rescued me and made a slashing motion at his throat while saying "She's dead". All I could think at the time was "I feel like I'm trapped in that Roseanne episode".

It was a rough time (and day in particular), but that reference today makes me think of that day and actually laugh about it now. It gave me something to smile about instead of being sad or angry or any of the other emotions running through my mind back then. It's helped me to to smile and heal a little bit. What about you? Has there ever been a moment where art imitated your own life? Share your story in the comments- I'd love to read them!

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