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03 August 2011

A Change of Pace (Alexz Johnson news and Voodoo Reloaded/Announcement)

So, I thought it was time to make a change for a day. Instead of doing a song challenge, I would do a post updating Alexz fans on some new developments. About 20 minutes ago, Alexz posted a tweet announcing The Basement Recordings.

On August 26th, Alexz and her brother Brenden will release The Basement Recordings. The disc will be made up mostly of songs from her unreleased Epic CD along with some VooDoo tracks and Instant Star songs. Check the link for a complete track listing. She's also provided lyrics and it looks as though samples of all the tracks will be posted as well. I, for one, can't wait to see this get released. How about you? Post your comments below...

In other news, I am still working on some thoughts on Voodoo/Reloaded. It's been a bit difficult to get it down because I am not quite sure what I think of the remix disc. It will be out soon, though, and I am also looking to do a review/feature of the new CD when it's released. I guess that's about it for now. See ya next time.... I leave you with a video of Alexz performing one of the unreleased songs:

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