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17 July 2011

Contests and Stuff....

So I decided to enter a cover song contest on youtube. It's for a channel called Sound Underground where artists upload their original songs. I chose this song to cover. Look up the original, too.... beautiful song!

In other news, been watching some reruns of some old favorites lately: The Golden Girls and In Living Color. Every time I hear either theme song, I go back to being a kid and laughing hysterically at Homie D. Clown and Miss Bonita. One of my favorite bits was the Dirty Dozens when Ed O'Neill guested as the grand champion. It's sad that there is nothing quite like this on TV any more.

The Golden Girls is another great example of that. There are very few casts, IMO, that were as perfect as the Girls. There really wasn't a weak link for me- everyone cracked me up. I especially love the mother/daughter relationship between Dorothy and Sophia.

So, did you watch any of these shows back then (or do you now?) What do you think of them? Are there any scenes in particular that are favorites? Let me know! I guess that's about it for now. Take care and see ya next time. I hope to get another video blog done in the next day or two as well, so look out for that.

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