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06 July 2011

Blast From the Past...

So I have been catching reruns of Jem lately on The Hub. It's a channel on DirecTV that plays a lot of 80's cartoon/kid's shows/sitcoms. They also have new version of some of these shows (like Tramsformers Prime). Here's the opener:

Being a huge music geek I used to love watching this in the mornings before school. I can't say much about the plotting/writing looking back on it, but still- lots of fun memories associated with this show. I remember they came out with dolls and most of them included tapes of the song. A Jem tape was, in fact, one of the first "real" tapes I ever bought with my own money. It included not only Jem songs, but hits from a bunch of 80's artists. Any other Jem and the Holograms fans out there? What other 80's shows did you love? Comment below- I'd love to read about them!

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