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10 May 2011

Reactions to The Voice....

So, I was posting my thoughts about tonight's episode as it was playing on twitter. If you haven't seen the new episode yet, don't go any further:

Vicci vs Niki... I think Niki was the better singer, but they sounded incredible together. I love "Perfect" and I really thought they did it justice.

Casey vs. Tim.... love the song, was iffy on the voices (a little too shaky sounding) but Casey was the clear winner.

Wow... Blake had a hard choice to make and I'm not sure I would've picked. Both did an awesome job. I'll add that they actually made me like that song and I am not an Elvis fan at all.

So, after watching Tarralyn vs Frenchie, I think Xtina made the wrong call. Tarralyn attacked that song and took control of the stage.

As far as the guest mentors, I really liked seeing Monica again. I've always liked her music. I also thought Blake was a great mentor when he advised against over doing the runs just because you are capable of it (Xtina... pay attention!)

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