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28 May 2011

CMT Next Superstar and The Voice.... SPOILERS if you haven't seen the latest eps)

I'm ba-ack....

I know I haven't posted much lately, but I have been sick and really not up do doing anything requiring any actual thought. :) Anyway... I'm feeling better and ready to talk about the latest episodes of The Voice and CMT's Next Superstar.

I have to be honest. I haven't been too impressed overall with Next Superstar. Actually, I haven't even watched it in a few weeks. Still, something had me turn on the television last night and I was surprised to find out that the contestants had to actually make their own music videos- from the writing all the way down to the final edit.

Of the three contestants that were left to make a video, I found Matt to be the most impressive. I loved his song and video for "Chasing Stardust"... it was definitely worthy of being aired on a video channel and I agreed with the judge who descibed it as very vibey and said it really suited the song. I disagreed, however, with her saying that she thought the urn needed more set-up. The other two? Well... I can see why Danielle was dropped from the competition. Her video and song were clearly the weakest link. Still, not a bad effort at all for someone who has most likely never actually made a music video before.

Earlier this week, I also watched The Voice and well.... I was less than impressed with Team Blake. I have to think that they must've performed that song differently in rehearsal. If they didn't, I am questioning Blake and Reba's judgement. It was bad. Not much else to say.... the looks on Blake and Xtina's faces during and right after the song said it all. That said, I do believe that he made the right move when he chose Dia. I don't think the song fit either, but she stayed true to herself and didn't try to over do it.

As for Team Adam, I was sorry to see Rebecca go. Her cover of Nirvana's "Come As You Are" was one of my favorite performances yet from anyone. Still- Devon is good and I liked how he was able to do so well with a song he didn't know at all and was not comfortable with at first. I wish Adam could've done what Blake suggested and never seperate those two! Who knows? Maybe if Devon doesn't win, they can form a duo...

Julia Vs. Raquel.... Christina had a hard choice! I thought that both did well and Raquel deserved the win because she has more stage presence. I think that Julia, however, has a slightly more refined voice. She reminds me a lot of Renee Sandstrom vocally and physically. Look it up...

Another tough choice for CeeLo, but I think he did well with keeping the Thompsons. I like them.... they're voices are great together and they're really fun to watch. So what did you all think about the latest episodes? Did the Voice judges make the right choice? Did someone else make a better video than Matt? Comment and let me know!

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