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02 April 2011

Update Time!

Just a little update I got about the Wounded Warrier Project. If you went, I hope you enjoyed it and share your own experiences.

Nashville, TN (March 30, 2011) Jeremy McComb spent his weekend riding his bicycle…well it wasn’t just ANY ride, it was for a great cause. McComb was honored to be part of the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride in San Diego, CA this past weekend.

“While I'm a bit sore and exhausted, this weekend was incredible and life changing for me!! I made so many new friends with the Wounded Warrior Project. The warriors continue to amaze me through their stories, their selfless actions, their spirit and will. I watched men on hand cycles pedaling with their arms for 50 miles on adapted sports bicycles. On large hills, where I was even struggling, I watched men and women push each other up the hills! I'm humbled and proud to participate with this organization for many years and events to come!” says McComb.

McComb is also showing up at country radio this week with another add for a song that he really didn’t even intend to hit the airwaves, “Five to Midnight” appears on the Mediabase chart yet again this week with an add. McComb is thrilled that his friends in radio love the song enough to give it some spins. Serendipity…. It’s a beautiful thing!

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