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26 April 2011


So, the album is now officially out on itunes/on Alexz's official website and it's already off to a good start. It's now number 59 on the itunes pop chart and will likely continue to climb throughout the day. If you drop by her official site today, she'll be streaming the full album so you can check it out before you buy... always a nice bonus!

Also, she's hosting a web chat tonight at 5 PM eastern. Check the official site or twitter account (@alexzjohnson) for a link to join in when it starts. Are you gonna be there? Be sure to drop by after and leave a comment letting my know how it was.

For now, I'm out of here. Check back in the next day or so for a compare/contrast of the two albums and maybe some other stuff. For now... I leave you with a little blast from the past. It's Alexz pre-Voodoo performing a song on the Disney show "So Weird". Enjoy!

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