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01 March 2011

Nostalgia and Recs....

I'm back with a little rec for everyone out there. I was browsing online and came across the blog Brilliant but Cancelled on Television Without Pity. This post (and many of the others) brought back a lot of memories for me. It's amazing how many really quirky and interesting shows end up not lasting more than a few episodes (::cough::Wonderfalls::cough::) while other cookie cutter shows last years beyond their sell-by date. Ah well... there's always DVD releases right?

One of my favorite short lived shows was a sitcom named Titus. You can see my thoughts on the show and the comedian in this article. For those who don't know, this was a sitcom from the early 2000's that starred comedian Christopher Titus and told the story of his messed up childhood. It also featured the bully from A Christmas Story as his step-brother. Here's a little scene from the comedy special that inspired the show... enjoy!

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