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26 March 2011

Ah, Nostalgia....

Like most girls that grew up in the 80's, I loved Sweet Valley High. There was something so ridiculously fun and cheesy about those books that I just couldn't put them down. Well, it looks like they've brought it back. The book is supposedly going to follow Elizabeth and Jessica's lives a decade after having left Sweet Valley High and I am, strangely, looking forward to reading it.

Looking back on the series, the most memorable arcs they ever did were the Jungle Prom/Evil Twin miniseries and the books that followed the twins ancestors. Granted, they were not the most realistic (or historical accurate) stories ever, but they had a certain charm and personality to them that I couldn't get enough of back then.

Will they still have the perfect size 6 figures and Pacific-blue eyes? Will Lila still be as fabulous as ever? Will Jessica have outgrown her sociopathic tenancies while Liz was busy growing a spine? We shall see. If you're a fan of the series, I would love to know what your favorite plots were. Feel free to post them and your thoughts on the new book in the comments. :) Til next time...


Heather Hildenbrand said...

omg, so funny. I was JUST thinking about this series again the other day. I used to love, love, love this series as a teen/young adult and was looking for it in the library again to show my now 8yro (who is a very advanced reader). But I couldnt find them. I only found Sweet Valley JUNIOR high. I never even knew they had those... anyway if they come out with more SVH books, I will definitely read them. So excited to hear that. My fav was the evil twin series, too.

Jamie B said...

It's unreal how many series they made with those books. Junior High, Twins, Senior Year, Sweet Valley Kids, Unicorn Club... they kept a lot of ghost writers busy... lol. I had at least one of each when I was younger.

Good to see someone else who loved the Evil Twin plot line and is looking forward to the new book. When it comes out, I will have to post my thoughts on it and you'll have to share yours, too :)