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20 February 2011


I never realized I had so many comments waiting on this blog. There seems to have been a glitch that didn't let me know I had any comments at all. I want to thank everyone that has visited this blog and/or left a comment. I also apologize to any of you who had been waiting for some kind of response- I wasn't intentionally ignoring anyone.

Anyway.... all things change and I am ready for one as well. I am still going to be sharing info on Country music, but I will also be re-naming the blog and writing about other genres as well as other entertainment/writing related stuff in the future. It was a very long, bad year last year personally and now I am ready to get that behind me and start getting back into the writing thing again (in more ways than one...). I hope that you will be joining me on this new journey!

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Espana said...

After downloading The Civil Wars "Live at Eddie's Attic" show from the Sensibility Music website I knew that I had to hear more of this top notch duo. The musical chemistry between Joy Williams and John Paul White results in music that will send a chill down your spine. Straddling several genres of music from folk, country, and roots/Americana, The Civil Wars are the real deal. They are a great example that less is more in this era of over produced, commercialized "music" that panders to the lowest common denominator. Support these talented musicians and buy their album, see them live and tell your friends.