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25 September 2009

Miranda Lambert "What Are You Gonna Do?"

So, I've been going over the song to get the lyrics and my thoughts down. This, while not on the new CD, isn't all that different from the songs that are. (I got to hear most of the tracks today by chance on XM's The Highway. Check their website to see when the special might be replayed). It's a bit dark lyrically and melodically, playing on the 'be careful what you wish for' theme. One of my favorite lines is in the chorus:

"You can waste your life looking for something to look forward to. you can chase it, but when you catch it what are you gonna do?"

The song is mid-tempo and accoustically-driven, although it picks up during the chorus as other instruments join in. Miranda's vocals are great, better than most of her other work so far (something that appears to be the case for the disc as well). If you haven't been able to download it, check youtube- this is a must hear for Miranda fans... especially if you love stuff like "More Like Her" and "Desperation".

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