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10 September 2009

Apologies and a Funny Video...

Hey, everyone. Sorry I've been so quiet. Unfortunately, I was unable to put up a few posts ahead of time before leaving for a vacation. I'm back, though, and ready to get back into it. I wanna start off with a cute video. It's of Taylor Swift reacting to her CMA nominations- especially her EOTY nod-

Speaking of Taylor and the CMAs... according to many sources, Taylor will have 6 new track on the Fearless re-release, due October 27th. Also on the CD will be videos, her music videos and lots of pictures of the tour.

Brad Pasiley and Keith Urban just upped their CMA count. Apparently a mistake left them out of the announcements the other day, even though they are nominated in the musical event category. Their song "Start a Band" is now part of the field of nominees. I'll have more of the CMA nominations later. Til then, take care!

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